w1Welding Eyewear
IR Dye 1114  is the IR dye of choice for meeting the ANSI Z87.1 specifications.  We can fully formulate to meet the specs for shades 2 -11.

Arc Flash

Electric Arc Flash protection
IR Dye 1114 and IR Dye 1111 are the preferred dyes for this application, because they provide excellent blocking of the infrared and maximum transmission of visible light.

Laser Protection

Laser Protective Eyewear
The dye to be used depends on the emission wavelength of the laser to be blocked.

Neodynium YAG laser
While the λMax (absorption maxima) of IR Dye 1310 and IR Dye 1311 is 990 nm in acetone, in polycarbonate the λMax is around 1050nm, providing excellent protection from the Nd:YAG Laser at 1064 nm. IR Dye 7164 is used in PMMA for protection from this laser, and provides excellent visible light transmission.

Diode Laser 800-940nm
Several Dyes can be used to block the radiation from this laser. IR Dye 2630 can be used to block the lower power settings of the diode laser. IR Dye 5630, with a λMax of 858 nm can be used to block the mid power setting of the Diode laser.IR Dye 1420, with a λMax of 905 nm, can be used to block the higher power settings of the Diode laser.

Doubled Nd:YAG laser at 532nm
IR Dye 8532 is very effective in blocking the doubled Nd:YAG laser at 532 nm.

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