New 990nm Infrared Dyes

IR 1312- 990nm IR Dye

IR 1313– 986nm IR Dye


New Visible Dyes

VIS 631– 631nm Absorbing Dye


New Infrared Transmitting Ink

AG 300-800nm Ink – Visibly opaque ink that transmits IR above 800nm.

New Visible Dyes

VIS 640– 640nm Absorbing Dye

VIS 642– 642nm Absorbing Dye


New Long Pass Filters Catalog

Long Pass Filter Catalog

Block Visible Light/ IR Pass

500nm Long Pass

600nm Long Pass

650nm Long Pass

670nm Long Pass

700nm Long Pass

730nm Long Pass

750nm Long Pass

800nm Long Pass

810nm Long Pass

820nm Long Pass

850nm Long Pass


New Infrared Formulations 

IR 5030

Absorbs 700-850nm. High thermal stability.

IR 1065

Absorbs 800-1050nm. For YAG applications.

New Infrared Dyes



Adam Gates & Company is pleased to introduce 2 new Infrared absorbing dyes.

IR 1111 and IR 1311

IR 1111  is a broadband absorber which has the highest VLT and absorption of its kind.

IR 1311  is a new ND:Yag laser dye with excellent VLT and absorbtion in the 1064nm range.

NVIS Green A Formulation


NVIS Green A is a new formulation for coatings and thermoplastics used with the NVIS Green A white led.