IR 7164

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Physical Properties – Green free flowing powder.

Melting Point – 109C - 111C

Lambda Max – 996 nm.

Absorptivity - 55

Solubility in Organic solvents – Methanol - Acetone -

Increased Thermal Stability – IR Dye 7164 which has increased thermal stability, allowing it to be used in lower melt flow polycarbonate, thereby imparting greater impact strength to the molded part.

Laser Eye Protection – IR Dye 7164 is the preferred dye for protecting against the Nd:YAG laser because of its excellent absorption at 1064 nm, and excellent transmission of visible light.

Fewer Rejected Parts – The improved thermal stability of IR Dye 7164 means that there is less chance of it “burning off” when exposed to molding temperatures during “extended coffee breaks”, or during equipment malfunctions. As this dye is much cleaner than competitive products, you won’t see “speckles” or haze, common with other products. All of this means that IR Dye 7164 will reduce the rate of rejected parts, and make you look great!

Use Concentration - Approximately 0.25 grams of dye per pound of PC gave an OD of 5 in a 3mm lens of 18 MFR PC.