IR 2066

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Physical Properties – Green free flowing powder.

Melting Point – 103°C – 104°C

Lambda Max – 977 nm.

Absorptivity = 82

Solubility in grams/100 grams of solvent
MEK = 6.5 grams Methyl pyrrolidinone = 5.0 grams Ethyl acetate = 2.0 grams
THF = 6.1 grams Cyclohexanone = 6.1 grams

Suitable for cell cast acrylics

Inks and Coatings – Due to its’ excellent solubility in a broad range of organic solvents, including methanol, IR Dye 2066 finds use in applications where the absorption of Infrared energy is needed in inks and coatings.
These applications range from heat shielding window films to security inks.