Adam Gates & Company manufactures NIR dyes which block from 700 nm to 1600 nm in the form of:

- Free Flowing Crystalline Powders
- Coatings and Inks
- Formulated Dye Mixtures
- Plastic Pellets

Laser Absorbing Dyes for the Medical Industry

We supply dyes and compounds for the medical safety industry to protect against routinely used lasers.

Infrared Interference Applications

Dyes and compounds can be used in civilian or military aircraft light filter applications. Dye minimize the radiation output from cockpit lighting.

Security Inks & NIR Coatings

Rather than sell a line of inks with a "One size fits all" approach, we work closely with each customer to design an ink for their specific needs.
Absorb Neodynium (ND) YAG laser, Diode Laser 800-940nm, Doubled Nd:YAG laser at 532nm & many more

Night vision and Military Eyewear Applications

We supply dyes and compounds for the military safety and night vision industry to protect against routinely used lasers.

NIR & Band Pass Filters

AG&C Formulates dyes in order to meet our customer's specific needs and targets. We manage light, whether it is blocking/transmitting the Visible, UV or Near Infrared.


We are excited to announce that Epolin has acquired Adam Gates & Company effective July 19, 2021. As a customer of Epolin, you can expect access to a wider selection of products, additional supply forms, and enhanced technical expertise. We want to make this transition as smooth as possible and would welcome the opportunity to explore how our products and services could be of value in your specific application. The entire Epolin team thanks you for your continued business and stands ready to answer any questions that you might have.

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